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Step 1

Take 2 or 3 pictures of your object

Step 2

Fill out our online form in 2 minutes

Step 3

Get in touch with an expert nearby

Step 4

Receive your quick valuation or a full report

Step 1

Take 2 or 3 pictures of your object.

Just simply use your smartphone or camera to provide us with a photo from the front, one from the back, or even one from the side and the artist’s signature if there is one.

Send us your photos via our online form.

Step 2

Fill out the online form.

● STARTER ONLINE : a quick valuation within 48 hours by e-mail, for only 50.00 CHF per item.

● PREMIUM : a full expertise with a written certificate. A local expert will come to your home or make an appointment at his office.

● ADVANCED : a free customized quote for more than 2 objects.  Take advantage of our discounted rates depending on quantity.

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Get in touch with an expert.

Depending on the type of object, each expert has his or her field of specialization. We will commission THE right qualified expert in your region.

The complete expertise with a written certificate (PDF) will only be possible after physically seeing the object. Even if this is not always the case in the profession, our ethics do not allow us to do a full expertise of an object without having seen it.


Step 4

Receive your valuation.

In the case of an online valuation, you will receive an e-mail within 48 hours with an estimate market value of your item.

In the case of a full expertise and after having physically analyzed the object, the expert will provide you with a certificate containing the price and a detailed analysis.

The certificate will an essential document often mandatory both to better sell and for insuring property at its fair value.

Help center.

You can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions in our FAQ or in our General Terms and Conditions.


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