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expertiZ is the first independant platform exclusively dedicated to the valuation and expertise of valuable objects and work of art. You can now get the answers to your questions :

✔︎ What is the market price ?
Is it authentic ? Is it the good time to sell ?
How to find a serious and qualified expert nearby ?
✔︎ Am I properly insured ? Do I need to make an inventory ?

Sell better. Legacy better. Protect better.






Quick valuation.

An online valuation within 48 hours, based on photos of your object.

Full expertise.

A complete diagnosis with a visit from an expert at home or at your office. Obtain a full report for use in all situations.

A tailor-made quote.

You have more than one object ? Request a free quote and take advantage of our degressive prices depending on quantity.

A fast and quality process, online or at home.

Perhaps you want to know the value of your items? Or wonder if you have hidden treasure in your home?

In just a few clicks, estimate the value or request a full, certified expertise for your objects, such as paintings, drawings, engravings, photographs, jewelry, watches, sculptures and furniture.





Step 1

Take 2 or 3 pictures of you object

Step 2

Fill out our online form

Step 3

Get in touch with an expert nearby

Step 4

Receive a valuation or a full report

Qualified and accredited experts issue a full expertise report, a real identity card for your objects.

Following a physical examination of your objects, the expert carries out research and comparisons, and draws up a complete report . This is an essential document in the event of a sale, inheritance distribution, transportation or in the loss of any kind.

A group of certified experts,

for maximum neutrality.

100% of the experts in our network have been rigorously selected, certified and subscribe to a quality charter.

expertiZ ensures the greatest possible neutrality and objectivity, since we have chosen not to be a platform for selling objects. We nurture transparency, with no conflict of interest.

For private individuals,

experts near you.

Choose between the simplicity of online services or the ease of making an appointment with a qualified specialist in your region.

Proximity is necessary so as to be able to see the object, an essential step when establishing a bona fide expertise full report.

For professionnals,

experts to answer your customers’ needs.

Our services meet the expectations and needs of clients of sollicitors and lawyers, insurance companies, antique dealers and family offices.

The relationship can be handled through the intermediary or directly with the expert, as you prefer.

Now discover real customer stories.

« When my grandmother passed away, she left us nine paintings. The notary did not know any experts in old paintings in our region. A modern platform like yours has made our lives easier in this difficult moment. The expert who came to visit us gave us a very interesting report, particularly on their current value that facilitated the sharing and selling of our work of art. »

Christian G.

Architecte, 38 ans, Nyon

« I regularly have clients who contact me to update their insurance. I generally don’t know where to turn because this environment is complex. Your initiative is a gain in time and credibility with my clients. »

Charlotte E.

Commerciale, 62 ans, Montreux

« En flânant des années dans les brocantes, j’ai trouvé de très jolis objets dont je suis fière et qui font leur effet ! Récemment j’ai essayé d’en savoir plus auprès de maisons de ventes sans succès. C’est frustrant de ne pas être renseigné pour des objets pas vraiment cotés. Grâce à vous j’ai pu les évaluer et même en connaître plus sur leurs histoires ! Merci. »

Lucie P.

Juriste, 33 ans, Neuchâtel

« Très sensible à l’art, j’aime acheter et vendre des œuvres à titre privé. J’ai systématiquement besoin de conseils discrets sur l’évolution des cotes d’artistes et m’assurer du meilleur timing pour vendre. »

Antoni M.

CEO, 55 ans, Genève

Try it yourself.

We believe in valuing your patrimony,
for you and future generations.

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